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Content Analysis

  • Language : en-us
  • Charset: text/html charset=utf-8
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  • Compress Size: 68
  • SSL : False
  • Html5 : True
  • Html Text / Ratio: 47
    • Angularjs: False
    • Bootstrap: False
    • Css3: True
    • Jquery: True
    • Responsive: False
    • Google Analytics: Not Applicable
    • Google Tag Manager: Not Applicable
    • Pub Code: Not Applicable
    • Canonical: True
    • Amp: False
    HTML size is 149,73 KB, Text Size and Compressed HTML are 71,52 KB and 68 KB.
    Content analysis is a research tool used to determine the presence of certain words, themes or concepts within a given qualitative data (i.e. text). Using content analysis, researchers can measure and analyze the presence, meaning, and association of such specific words, themes, or concepts.

    Domain Information

    • Domain Registrar :
      GoDaddy.com, LLC
    • Registration Date :
    • Last Modified Date:
    • Expiration Date :
    Whois domain lookup allows you to track the ownership and duration of a domain name. Similar to the fact that all homes are registered with a governing authority, all domain name registries maintain a record of information about each domain name purchased through them, who owns it and the date it was purchased.
    This domain was recorded by GoDaddy.com, LLC on 2008-07-07

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    • Hosted Country :
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    This is the complete list of all ccTLDs (country code top-level domains). The official list of top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). IANA is responsible for the global coordination of DNS Root, IP addressing and other Internet protocol resources.
    Its IP Number is Domain extension of this site org.

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    • Link : rel="https://api.w.org/"
    • Vary : Accept-Encoding
    • Transfer-Encoding : chunked
    • Content-Type : text/html charset=UTF-8
    • Date : Fri, 05 Jul 2019 04:28:58 GMT
    • Server : Apache
    This site has 6 data in the Headers Information section.
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    Social Pages

    • Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_h6qolttuk
    Social media is a middle term for communication community-based login, content, content exchange and focused websites.
    People live in communication with friends, family and various communities who use social media to use and use the media. Leverage social apps to market about businesses, users, and track their promotions.
    This site has a page on Youtube, social media platform.

    Html Tag Counts

    • html : 1
    • head : 1
    • meta : 3
    • title : 1
    • link : 20
    • script : 32
    • style : 7
    • body : 1
    • div : 236
    • table : 2
    • colgroup : 1
    • col : 3
    • tr : 5
    • td : 9
    • ul : 10
    • li : 239
    • a : 449
    • span : 13
    • img : 37
    • h1 : 1
    • p : 68
    • form : 2
    • input : 6
    • h3 : 8
    • em : 1
    • strong : 1
    • h2 : 33
    • iframe : 2
    • br : 16
    • hr : 11
    • b : 11
    • i : 3
    • ins : 1
    • abbr : 2
    This site found 34 html tag

    Html Head Data Information

    • content-type : text/html charset=utf-8
    This site has 1 data in Html Head Data Information

    H1 Keywords

    • 4evriders.org – sustainable transportation daily news
    This site found 1, H1 keywords tag

    H2 Keywords

    • mit self-driving cars: emilio frazzoli, cto, nutonomy – a $4 trillion transportation problem
    • sustainable transportation could save the world (and save $100 trillion)
    • dr. boaz almog: quantum levitation
    • oslo plans to recharge electric taxis on the fly
    • mobileye expects to see self-driving cabs hit the road in 2020 – tech news
    • tesla starts selling used model 3 vehicles online
    • tesla gigafactory 3 complex enters initial tooling phase as new jobs open for the site
    • philadelphia introduces 25 new electric buses, claims largest zero-emissions fleet on east coast
    • ampaire test-flies world’s biggest electric plane
    • toyota goes electric starting in 2020: announces massive ev offensive
    • apple is reportedly looking to buy robotaxi start-up drive.ai
    • tesla&rsquos chademo quick charge adapter is now compatible with the model 3 (update: tesla backtracks)
    • tesla model 3 and hyundai kona ev push electric cars to over 100,000 units in canada
    • tesla has revealed its plans for china &ndash including lower prices – business insider
    • tesla truck to be under $50k
    • tesla is opening pre-orders for new model 3 made in china on friday
    • barcelona to receive 100+ new electric buses, replacing diesel buses
    • outside of tesla, future ev sales in u.s. may be thin for most brands: study – reuters
    • tesla is rejiggering its fremont factory for model y suv and model s refresh – cnbc
    • in april 2019 byd increased plug-in ev car sales by 73.5%
    • driverless delivery vans are here as production begins in china
    • us postal service tests self-driving trucks to move mail
    • bhp predicts half of all global vehicle sales could be electric by 2030
    • your uber ride could get 80% cheaper over the next decade
    • tesla starts delivering ‘standard range’ model 3 at ~$35,000 with locked features – electrek
    • tesla model 3 receives certification to be sold in australia, strongly suggests models and towing capacitytesla model 3 receives certification to be sold in australia, strongly suggests models and towing capacity – techau
    • skyrocketing tesla sales force mercedes dealer in norway to face a kodak moment | cleantechnica
    • byd deploys u.s.’ first electric class-8 rear loader refuse truck
    • byd installing wireless charging in indianapolis to boost disappointing range of its electric buses
    • e-joe koda 3.0 electric commuter bike review &ndash an affordable long range e-bike
    • tesla dominates sales charts in california: model 3 is #3 overall
    • aiming for 50% evs by 2025, audi to replace tt coupe with electric car, could do the same for a8
    • ev hatch battle: hyundai kona electric, chevy bolt, nissan leaf plus
    This site found 33, H2 keywords tag

    H3 Keywords

    • categories
    • archives
    • a sample text widget
    • translate page
    • sponsors
    • google ad
    • web search
    • register/login/rss
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    H5 Keywords

    • 4evriders.org – sustainable transportation daily news
    This site found 1, H5 keywords tag

    Nameserver Information

    Dns IP Address
    In computer science, a name server, as opposed to a directory service, is a computer server that provides a network service that responds to incoming queries. It maps a human-understandable identifier to an internal system, often numeric, that contains an identifying or addressing component.
    Browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer are used to visit websites broadcasting on the web. The site address that we type in the "address bar" section of these browsers to visit any site, starting with "http" or "https" and ending with an extension such as .com, .net, is called "domain" or "domain name" in our language. .

    After this simple explanation, let's start with the technical details. Every site broadcasting on the Internet has a unique address consisting of numbers. For example, if you type in the search bar or click on the link, you will go to Hosting.com.tr home page. In other words, there is no need for a domain address to visit or publish any website. But considering that you visit hundreds of sites a day and you visit many of these sites by typing an address into the browser without using search engines; It is impossible to keep in mind the number group of each address.

    For this reason, the technology called "DNS" abbreviation and the abbreviation "Domain Name System" was invented. To put it simply, this technology; It converts the IP address of the site to be visited into domain addresses. It's exactly the same logic as specifying a name for each phone number in your phone book.

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